These Machines are Winning began as a solo project by Dallas producer/musician Dylan Silvers ([Daryl], The Polyphonic Spree, Preteen Zenith, and The Crash took Me) Recording late into the night, and surviving on a diet of sci-fi movies, comic books, and vodka, Dylan amassed a collection of songs so influenced by the visual media consumed during its conception, it could only be realized in the same fashion. Bringing in visual artist and filmmaker Ryan Hartsell the two friends began developing the concept of a multi media band that focused equally on visual elements. Hightower soon joined “The Machines” to help write, and record the bands first studio release Defender I, while simultaneously shooting the first in a series of music videos consisting of two masked characters on BMX bikes.
As the recording process continued, Dylan reached out to award winning UK movie concept and comic book artist JOCK (Wolverine, The Losers, Dredd, Children Of Men, Batman, Tron) to create original artwork for the release of Defender I.

After spending a year back and fourth at Valve Studios and The Belafonte Research Center, Dylan brought the album to California to be mixed with Dave Trumfio (Pulsars) at Kingsize Sound Labs. The time spent together in the studio produced more songs co written and recorded with Dave, the new studio member of the band.

As The Machines prepared for the album release, they began discussing the future of the project, and of their two masked riders. With the film elements in place, Dylan and Ryan invited writer and filmmaker Jason Godi to come on board and flesh out a comic book series that expanded on what they had already created. Meeting numerous times a week, they began developing the story of what was to become Slaves for Gods.

Another visual element was introduced at the album release show for Defender I. Dylan and Hightower played their high energy first set as video footage was projected on to the stage, live edited by Ryan Hartsell. Realizing the need of another guitar to bring Dylan’s dense studio production to the live show, former [Daryl] band mate Dave Christensen joined the line up. Over the following months, The Machines played numerous shows and festivals while shooting a follow up to the Fornication video.

As the scope of the comic series grew, a darker element was introduced to the band that inspired the writing of their second album KURU. Heavily influenced by the work of Bryan Eno and John Carpenter, the band entered the studio, and began recording using vintage synths and drum machines at Klearlight Studios with Jay Jernigan and Jimi Bowman. During the KURU sessions, The Machines added two new studio band members, Kevin Howard and Phil Karnats (Tripping Daisy, Secret Machines), and brought in friends True Widow, and members of Rollerskate skinny, White Denim, and The Afghan Whigs.
Filming also continued during this time, and cinematographer Dylan Rogers, and editor Jay Serra joined The Machines, rounding out the Monolithic Pictures production team.

With the new album in the works, and the comic book series nearly written, the band began the exhaustive search for artists. After stumbling on the amazing work of Aaron Minier on line, The Machines knew they had found their interior artist. While pages begin pouring in from Minier, and in the process of searching for cover artists, The Machines met artist rep Mark Hay from Splash Page, the next member to join the collective. Through Mark, they found their letterer and colorist Jodi Wynne (Lazarus), as well as Charlie Adlard, principal artist of The Walking Dead, and drummer for the UK band, The Cosmic Rays. With Charlie on board to create an original cover, and JOCK signed on for a series of covers, The Machines also secured works by french artist Antoine Dodé (The Crow: Curare), as well as a cover for the new album KURU by James O’Barr, creator of The Crow. (James also Co-wrote a track and came up with the title KURU)

With KURU completed, and in production, the band is now recording new material to coincide with the release of the comic book series entitled “SLAVES FOR GODS“, as well as putting finishing touches on another album entitled Architects of Decay featuring songs with Sarah Jaffe, Nikki Cage, Taylor Rea, Mike Sanger and many more.

The Machines are also practicing for shows with two new members, drummer Matt Pittman (Red Animal War) and keyboardist Kevin Howard.